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  • Gaining happiness and self-fulfillment in the life
  • Finding the internal potential such as motivation, concentration, tolerance, self-confidence, and kindness.
  • Combining personality with proficiency for long-term success.
  • Securing youngsters from self-destructive addictions that harm mind and body.
  • Provide soft-skill training like leadership, stress management, time management etc.
  • Provide a sense of balancing between personal and professional life, work and entertainment.
  • Provide scientifically crafted lectures on Vedic intelligence by the highly qualified faculty members.

Activities at a glance:

Informative lectures

Bringing the hidden potential out in the youth for creating the virtues of self-confidence and motivation through informative and vibrant presentations and lectures.

Art & Drama

Cultivating the skills of the youth in the art, music, and drama field by giving them proper opportunities and required assistance.

Presentation and communication skills ISKCON YOUTH FORUM

Improving the communication skills of the youth with the help PPT (Power Point Presentations) and several debate competitions.

Practical engagement

We provide activities such as event management, book distribution, Prasad distributi on, cleaning, and so on. These activities are very helpful in building better leader ship and team-building skills. These activities also create a great sense of responsib ility in students.