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Gopal’s Garden School (GGS) is a humble attempt at providing value-based education through a unique amalgamation of Ancient Vedic Culture & Modern-Day Academics to create future leaders. We aspire to equip children with Life Skills, Emotional Intelligence and Sound Values that will stand them in good stead for the future.
It is our firm belief at GGS that competence without good character is futile and to develop a good character it is essential to be cultured, as well as to acknowledge and accept the power of God.
Fortified by a holistic curriculum and backed by a modern teaching process, our students come forth into the world as responsible, learned, confident, considerate, and sentient global-citizens.

विद्यां ददाति विनयं, विनयाद् याति पात्रताम्। पात्रत्वात् धनमाप्नोति, धनात् धर्मं ततः सुख
From knowledge comes humility, from humility comes eligibility (worthiness), From eligibility comes real wealth which one utilizes to perform good deeds leading to eternal happiness.