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SRI SRI RADAHA MADAN MOHAN temple adds another sparkling jewel in the majestic crown of ISKCON, enhancing it’s fame and glory by m ultifold.

As you take a short walk in the bylan es of Bahadurgarh on Nihara Nihari road, you will be mesmerized by the breathtaking a rchitecture of ISKCON Bahadurgarh, which has an uncanny resemblance to the great SRI SRI KRISHNA BALRAM temple in Vrindavana. T he colossal pillars, powerful dome structures, spell-binding facade and the ever so charming and mystical sanctum santorum, makes one recapitulate the holy dham of Vrindavan temple.

Stepping onto the main courtyard, one id floored by the tranquilty that echoes th rough the walls of the temple. The distinct throbbing of bell, vibration of Holy Names, the muti-faceted fragrance of fresh flowers all add to the unique charact er of temple of Bahadurgarh.

The Lordships stand high at Bahadurgarh peering down on their beloved devotees as they begin to enter the main temple area. Dressed in finery to match their enthr alling aura, the devotees would feel nothing short of pure joy when they set thei r eyes on their Lord, while the only way to express that joy would be to sing an d dance to the holy names, as tears pour down their face. The nature too aligned with the Lordships making home in Bahadurgarh, as the earliest rays of the rising sun fall directly on their lotus feet creating a striking site for anyone who i s present to see this splendour. One is sure to fall in love with SRI SRI RADHA MADAN MOHAN.

A well-equipped deity kitchen is located just a few steps away from the main tem ple and soon the popular ISKCON joint Govindas is supposed to m ake an entry into the temple, nourishing devotees with delicious prasadam. The central courtyard and it’s surrounding areas are filled with incredicle piece of arts, depicting the pastimes of Radha-Krsna. These Minakari paintings, comp ounded with intricate glasswork are so vivid in their imagery that one feels the presence of Krsna in every atom of the body leaving devotees in encapsulat ing bliss.

This incredible temple took three years to be build by the expert hands of a rtists, painters, architects and hundreds of people who passionately strived to create this wonder. Spread over three acres of land, the temple includes gardens, guest house and brahmachari ashram in its premises. It is also loca ted at a logistical point, connected to metro station and other public trans port, with sufficient parking capacity.

ISKCON Bahadurgarh can be g racefully exclaimed as the divine home for the spiritually hungry soul!