A temple of Lord Krishna is a house of God and is completely spiritual and transcendental, a place where the Supreme Personality of Godhead is worshiped with love and devotion.Sometimes people avoid the temple by reasoning that because God is all-pervading there is no need to go to the temple. But if God is all-pervading, then He is certainly in the temple also.

Actually, God’s presence in the temple is especially beneficial to us. Despite His omnipresence, He is not readily perceivable except to one with spiritual vision. In a Krishna temple we can associate with people trained in spiritual vision, and we get to enhance our own realization of the all- pervading nature of the Lord by hearing the transcendental philosophy of Krishna consciousness. Furthermore, we learn to perceive the Lord’s personal presence in the Deity (arca-vigraha). Thus, by taking advantage of spiritual association, by hearing the transcendental philosophy, and by worshiping the Deity in the temple, an ordinary person is more likely to remember the Lord’s all-pervasiveness in day-to-day life. Moreover, the temple offers us an opportunity to meet others also interested in broadening their spiritual perception. Only a temple can afford all these advantages.

Hence, the Temple is a Storehouse of the following:-

  • Knowledge

It has been a practice, since Vedic Times, that the Knowledge is imparted by the Saintly people on all the areas of Life. This kind of knowledge, taken from the scriptures, is timeless and valid even today.

The temple, similarly, is such a place of glorious knowledge that can provide better living to the people and even leaders. Scientist like Albert Einstein and Annie Besant also agree that the timeless knowledge of Bhagavad Gita is certainly glorious.

  • Peace of Mind

The ancient literature of India specifically explain that the vedic hymns are meant to provide freedom from all kinds of depressive and anxious thoughts. However, as society progressed, people started to consider this a myth because of rising influence of Kali Yuga. Furthermore, many scientists took it upon themselves and proved that the vedic literature were right.

One of the scientists found that the Vedic mantra places a deep and peaceful impact on the brain. It decreases all the anxieties from the mind. The atmosphere of temple can become a powerful remedy for depression and anxious thoughts.

  • Love of God

Many times it is seen that people go to the Supreme Lord for some desire. The common reason among devotees is to just see Him. However, in reality, the Supreme Lord is the one seeing us in the temple and He cleans our hearts. A Temple is similar to the hospital. People may go to the hospital to “see the doctor.” However, in reality, the doctor is the one actually seeing the patient. He identifies the illness and cures the patient. Similarly, we see Krsna in a sense to get cured from the material disease.

The founder Acharya of ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada has build a house where the whole world can live. He has given a very open, honest, and practical way of life—of song, dance and music, of tasty and nourishing vegetarian food, of healthy moral habits, enriched family relationships, and indispensable knowledge. To transform so many lives throughout the world in such a powerful and beneficial way is a bit of the real magic of a real guru. You can see that magic at Lord Krishna’s temple today. Hare Krishna!.